26 People Every 10 Seconds

According to Paul Borthwick, author of Great Commission, Great Compassion, (paperback/Kindle)and quoting Dr Ron Blue of Dallas Theological Seminary, 26 people die every 10 seconds. 2 are Buddhist, 4 are Hindus, 6 are Muslims, 7 are Christians (of all forms) and 7 are “other” (agnostic, atheist, other religious beliefs). Borthwick and Blue quote those figures to point out how many people are passing into a Christless eternity every day.

Christians are responsible for sharing the gospel with those people. We have been sent to make disciples. This major mission has been delegated to us.

You can read an interview about the book Great Commission, Great Compassion (paperback/Kindle).

It ends with this prayer by Paul Borthwick. You might want to make it a part of your daily prayer.

Lord Jesus, as I (we) go into this day, help me by the power of the Holy Spirit to realize that I’m on Your mission.  Help me to see people the way that You see them.  Help me to open my mouth to speak and open my arms to care.  The Bible describes You, Lord, as full of grace and truth.  Reflect that quality in me I pray – grace to care for human need, and truth to invite people to know You.  Amen.  

Just out of interest, 26 per 10 seconds means 9,360 per hour. That’s 224,640 per day or over 82 million per year.

Recognising that not all of those who call themselves “Christian” will be truly converted, maybe 22 of the 26 who die each 10 seconds may be going to hell. On that basis, about 69.5 million people die each year without knowing Jesus.

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