God’s plan for us all is to be His children and, eventually, to enjoy His Kingdom. We become His children by trusting in Jesus and then following Him. This web site is for those who are following Jesus or who want to know what that means.

How the site is organised

There are 7 basic sections within the site that follow the journey a follower takes. You should therefore be able to go to the section that is appropriate for you and find relevant resources.

1) Discipleship describes the whole journey (and everything on this site.) Discipleship can be divided into two halves: being a follower and helping others be followers.

Being a Follower

2) Conversion – becoming a follower

3) Growth – living as a follower of Jesus

4) Disciple-making – helping others follow Jesus

5) Evangelism – helping others become followers

6) Discipling – helping others grow to maturity and live as followers

7) Churches – a section of resources for disciple-making churches

Finding what you want

There are multiple ways of finding good resources.

  1. Simply enter the section that is relevant and look around. The main pages contain links to articles and audio-visual material but note that “Resources” (on the drop-down menues or the front page of each section) takes you to books, sermons, etc. relevant to that section.
  2. Use the “Search” at the top right of each page.

Please note the “more resources” menu item. The main pages include articles, videos etc but for most topics there are more resources, specifically:

    • Apps and software,
    • Bible studies,
    • Books,
    • Courses,
    • People and organisations,
    • Sermons,
    • Sites
    • Stories.

Who is behind the site?

Peter Cheyne has been in pastoral ministry since 1983 as a minister of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. In that time he pastored two churches both of which grew significantly. He has recently started at Mornington Presbyterian Church in Dunedin, New Zealand.

From 2010 to 2012 he was the Moderator (national leader) of the Presbyterian Church. The theme of his term was “Making Disciple-making Disciples” reflecting his passion for disciple-making and the fulfilment of the Great Commission.

He is keen to help churches be effective in disciple-making in any way he can. Please feel free to contact him.

Many of the links in this site are to external pages i.e. to materials prepared by people all over the world. The site also contains articles, book reviews etc written by other people who have been willing to contribute to this site. You can read about them on the Authors page.