The following people have written material for this site. Where an email address is included, they are happy to be contacted about the topics on which they have written.

James Anson and his wife, Viv, lead a new inner city congregation in Auckland, new Zealand. They work as part of the Senior Leadership Team of Church Unlimited (formerly West City Christian Centre under Ps Tak Bhana.

Glyn Carpenter is the National Director of the New Zealand Christian Network.

Peter Cheyne is Senior Minister of Mornington Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, and speaker and writer on disciple-making and related topics. He served two years as the Moderator (national leader) of the Presbyterian Church of Aotearoa New Zealand. He now moderates this site! He has been in pastoral ministry for 27 years. Obeying Jesus’ Great Commission to the church by making disciples is a priority for him.

John Fuller is currently New Zealand Director of Omega Discipleship Ministries after a career in education including being educationalist at the Christian Leaders’ Training College in Papua New Guinea.

Mary-Jane Konings is one of the ministers on the Timaru Presbyterian Parish pastoral team. She is married to Chris, another minister in the TPP team. She used to teach science in Auckland and Welllington, lead worship at Lower Hutt, and work with children and families in Mosgiel. Now she teaches God stuff, writes worship music, and writes a kids friendly call to worship, ( all from the heart of the South Island.

  1. Article – Involving Children and Young People In Ministry
  2. Book review – Going Deep by Gordon MacDonald

Martin Macaulay is Senior Pastor of East Taieri Presbyterian Church.

John Malcolm is minister of Tahananui Presbyterian Church, Nelson, New Zealand.

Book review – the Trellis and the Vine

Stewart McLellan has been married to Marilyn for nearly 36 years. They have two adult children and 6 grandsons. Stewart has been pastor of Christchurch North Elim for over 12 years and has been on the boards of local and National organisations. His passion is to see people changed through an encounter with God; seeing believers come into fresh and deeper relationship and those outside the family of faith coming to know the reality of our Saviour.

Discipleship at Christchurch North Elim

Fiona Prestidge is a Police Officer from Wellington, and for several years has been a key leader of a national network of Christian Police. The network seeks to inspire and equip Christian Police to be the salt and light of God’s kingdom amongst the broken people and communities they deal with.

Book review – What’s God Up To On Planet Earth? by Mark Keown

Rose Radford married to Rod, came to New Zealand in 2008 after living in South Africa for 68 years.  Is a mother of three, with four grandchildren, two living in South Africa and two in New Zealand.  Before retiring she was Municipal Manager of a very small town, and worshipped at the Camperdown Methodist Church in KwaZulu/Natal for many years.  She is now a member of the Tuakau Union Parish and enjoys leading or taking part in bible study groups.

Book review – What’s God Up To On Planet Earth? by Mark Keown

Jennifer Shaw is Church Council Secretary at St Alban’s Presbyterian Church, Palmerston North. She is a social worker with five children who runs parenting courses with Parents Inc, gives leadership within Women’s Aglow and enjoys reading, gardening and walking.

Book review – Simple Church

Louise Trass worships at St James Union Church, Masterton. She is a retired teacher and has been on the lay ministry team at St James in charge of education, and a parish council member. She grew up in Edinburgh and is a mother of three and grandmother of four. Louise has a SU background and is a lover of The Word!!!

Book review – The Timothy Principle

One thought on “Authors

  1. Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,
    I am delighted to find this site for New Zealand. Also delighted to see your understanding of being a disciple of Jesus as starting before conversion.
    Thank you for your faithfulness is following Jesus and may the Lord richly bless your influence throughout NZ. With my father being a Kiwi (from Wanganui/Stratford) I continue to follow developments in NZ. He went as a missionary to Asia in 1964 with OMF International. Myself and my brother are with OMF and Interserve and two of my Kiwi cousins are with Pioneers and OM.
    I found your website because it mentioned Bible storying telling and hence my book on the subject – Telling the Gospel Through Story ( I’d be interested in how you heard about Bible storytelling because it is still relatively unknown in NZ – I think). The Australian College of Theology will start running a Masters level, semester long course in Bible storying next year through Melbourne School of Theology (used to be BC of Victoria). I believe Laidlaw College is still a member of the ACT which means that it can be run through there too IF a teacher is found. The course is wonderfully practical. I note that one of your ‘authors’ is connected with the wonderful Christian police group – I have heard great things about this through a school friend (nick Conway – forensic photographer). Storytelling is wonderful to share with police and anyone really as we have few defenses up against it.
    There is an article this month in British Christian newspaper

    Please also note that my first book was entitled ‘1-2-1 discipleship – helping others to grow spiritually.’ I don’t claim it as a ‘great work of authorship’ but it is helpful for taking the mystery out of how do I actually start discipling someone if I’m going to do it more formally. If I was to re-write this book now I would also focus far more on informal discipleship.
    In Him,
    Christine Dillon (OMF-Taiwan)

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