Peter Cheyne

Hi. I am the instigator behind this website.

I simply want to see the church faithfully making disciples of Jesus Christ and am happy to do what I can to facilitate that.

I am half-time pastor at Mornington Presbyterian Church, Dunedin, New Zealand but the other half of my time is available to churches, groups of churches, etc who want to take disciple-making seriously.

I am available to:

  • run workshops
  • preach
  • talk to leadership teams
  • mentor leaders and disciple-makers
  • journey with a church over a period of time

You can see some of my recent activity.and contact people involved who might be willlng to talk nicely about me.

Contact me:
Peter Cheyne,
80 Riccarton Road East,
Mosgiel 9024
New Zealand.

Phone: 64 3 484 7298
Mobile: 64 21 132 6876

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