An Evangelistic Strategy To Try

The following is a fairly standard strategy employed by those involved in Church Planting Movements.

Prayer walking

  1. Walk around a community you want to evangelise, praying as you go. Observe. Learn about the community. Talk to people.
  2. If appropriate, tell those you talk to that you are praying for the community and ask what they think you should pray for.
  3. Then say something like, “While I am at it, what could I pray for for you?” Another approach is to say, “If God was going to do a miracle for you, what would you want it to be?”


Consider the following advantages:

  1. Prayer is always good. Who knows how God might answer?
  2. You are simply offering something good to the community and to the individual. You are not asking for anything or pressuring them into anything. You are simply willing to serve. In other words, it is positive.
  3. The chances are good that you will learn a lot about the community.
  4. There is a very good chance that it might begin a spiritual conversation and it prompts the other person to share a significant need.
  5. If God answers your prayer for the person (and he is likely to, given that He wants people saved) he/she will have had an encounter with God.

Of course, evangelism requires more but, if this approach begins a relationship and leads to spiritual conversations and/or experiences of God, you can then talk about the gospel and continue to have contact so as to nurture further growth.

What do you think? is it worth a try? What’s the worst that could happen?

Peter Cheyne

4 thoughts on “An Evangelistic Strategy To Try

  1. i think it is worth pointing out that from what I have seen they usually do this over a six to twelve month period in one or two streets. So you need to be fairly committed and having a group of you makes a serious difference as well.

    There were a number of stories that came out of Love Your Neighbour where this approach worked well in NZ. Also works well if you have something to invite people to.

  2. Hi Jono,

    Good to hear from you. Thanks for your comment and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

    I think the CPM people possibly have an alternative strategy. If the person seemed open to it (i.e. seemed to be ‘person of peace”) they would suggest a series of Discovery Bible Studies in that person’s home and inviting any friends or family who might also be interested. In other words, they don’t invite them back to anything but look to plant a new church with a similar mindset of multiplication. In fact, they would stress not inviting them back to a church since that then separates them from the people in their network who might also be open to the gospel.

    Having said that, I am sure the same strategy could be used just as you suggest.

    God bless,

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