God has designed it that disciples of Jesus together form His church. There they are loved and supported and challenged to grow. But they also work together to do the will of God.

The church is described as a body made up of many necessary parts. No one part can do the whole work.

The church is commissioned to make disciples.

Finding A Church – if you are looking for a church, how do you choose one from all the churches out there?

The Mission of the Church – What is the church here to do? That might sound simple but there is a lot of discussion about it.

Disciple-making Churches – How do churches make disciples? How can churches bring people to faith in Jesus and then grow them to become like Jesus?

Evangelistic Churches – How are churches effectively reaching out with the gospel?

Discipling Churches – How are churches helping Christians grow to maturity?

Models and Movements – some churches provide a useful model of how to go about making disciples. There are also disciple-making movements.

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