Church Planting

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Church Planting Movements

Church Planting

What if we really did multiply? – Larry Barker

Church Planting and Disciple-making

Disciple-making and Church Planting: God’s Way To Transform Nations – by Floyd McClung (MissionFrontiers article)

Church Planting Through Disciple-making – a 116 “book” but Duane L. Anderson (American Indian Bible Institute)

3 Keys To Maintaining A Disciple-making Focus While Church Planting – Nathan Creitz (blog)

Determining Your Church’s Values

Considering Core Values – Linda Bergquist

Saddleback Church Planting

Prayer Walking

52 Churches in 5 years

What is not mentioned here, and what would be required for this to become a movement, are a gospel presentation and a discipleship strategy that are reproducible i.e. is he training his converts to reach their world and plant new churches?


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