Introducing Movements
Movements In History
Disciple-making Movements
Church-planting Movements
More resources on Movements

Introducing Movements

Steve Addison – Movements That Change The World

Movements Start With One – John Ferguson, Dave Ferguson, Tammy Melchien (Exponential 2012, audio)

The DNA Of Gospel Movements – 7 videos by Alan Hirsch presenting the core material from his book “The Forgotten Ways”

Movements In History

The Reformation

How Luther Went Viral – article by Tom Standage in The Economist, December 17th, 2011

Martin Luther Goes Viral – an extract of a letter written by Luther

How Martin Luther Accidentally Went Viral

Alan Hirsch – “If we fail in discipleship, it fails.”

Tim Keller on Movements

Timothy Keller’s staff talk on the church becoming a movement

Movement Dynamics – mp3 audio. Notes from this talk.

Ministry Movements – Tim Keller

Joshua Bovis’ notes on a Tim Keller talk on Movements Versus Institutions

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