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Introducing Church Planting Movements

Church Planting Movements are remarkable movements that see the rapid multiplication of church. David Garrisons well-known definition is: “a rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches that sweep through a people group or population segment”.

Neill Mims and Bill Smith say that CPMs have 5 reproducing elements

  • Reproducing bridges that lead to massive gospel witness
  • Reproducing gospel presentations
  • Reproducing discipleship that turns new believers into CPM partners
  • Rapidly reproducing churches
  • Reproducing leadership development

To qualify as a CPM, the following criteria must be met:

  • A 25% Annual Growth Rate in Total Churches for the past two years
  • A 50% Annual Growth Rate in New Churches for the past two years
  • Field-based affrmation that a CPM is emerging

These movements focus on evangelism and then the discipling of converts by equipping them to evangelise and disciple others.

Most CPMs occur in Asia and other parts of the third world but there are groups implementing the CPM principles in USA, Australia and New Zealand. Listen to the podcasts on Steve Addison’s Movements site.

CPM Journal, January-March 2006 – Fundamentals
CPM Journal, April-June 2006 – Prayer

CPM Awareness Videos

Starting Church Planting Movements – Act Beyond

There is a similar video here.

Articles etc

The Spontaneous Multiplication of Churches (article)George Patterson

Sparking CPMs – notes from Steve Addison’s interviews with “Barney”

Church Planting Movements – a Mission Frontiers magazine (pdf version).

The Basic CPM Plan and T4T – Steve Smith

David Garrison

Church Planting Movements – David Garrison (Or see here.)

Church Planting Movements – David Garrison (different document but same name)

Church Planting Movements: The Next Wave? – David Garrison, 2004 article from the International Journal of Foreign Missions

Multiple resources – on the site

Ed Stetzer series of blogs on viral churches

George Patterson

Interviewed by Brian Entzminger of Extra resources for this interview.

Curtis Sergeant

Interviewed by Steve Addison of

Interviewed by Brian Entzminger or Extra resources for this interview.

Curtis’ website –

Examples of churches doing it

Caring Better For Members By Training Them To Multiply – Jimmy Tam (Mission Frontiers article)

Training materials

CPM Training Resources

Tree of Life Training Manual

Four Fields Of Kingdom Growth – Nathan & Kari Shank

Following and Fishing – Steve Addison training on multiplying disciples, groups and churches everywhere.

Various random CPM documents

Discovery Bible Study Method

See the “Discovery Bible Study method” section on “using The Bible”

Specific Aspects of CPMs



Church Planting Movements Are Leadership Movements – by Stan Parks, in Mission Frontiers

Specific Examples

RAD: Rapidly Advancing Disciples

RAD page on the church planting movements website. Includes a free implementation guide

T4T: Training For Trainers

Various links to T4T material.

50-5-50 Network (a plan to see 50 churches in the next 5 years (2013-17) each have 50 Church Planting Movement and Disciple-Making Movement trainers.


Church-Planting Movements: Multigenerational Discipleship or Multilevel Marketing? – blog by “Jailer”


T4T Or DMM (DBS)? – comparing Church Planting Movements and Disciple-Making Movements – Steve Smith in Mission Frontiers (Also see Part 2: the mechanics of each)

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  1. Thanks so much for the links to Engaging Missions. I had no idea this was out there and I’m so happy you found the interviews valuable.

    I have quite a few more interviews with people involved in CPM / DMM and #NoPlaceLeft. I’d be glad to send them to you if you are interested. If not, no pressure.


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