Missional Church

Defining Missional Church

Missional Church… Simple

What Makes A Church Missional? – Christianity Today, March 2008 (One page version)

Defining Missional – Alan Hirsch, Leadership Journal, Fall 2008

What In The World Is The Missional Church? – Jonathan Leeman, 9Marks Journal, October 2006

10 Marks Of A Missional Church – Mark Driscoll

The Missional Church by Alan J. Roxburgh in Theology Matters

Missional Church – Tim Keller

More Than Mercy Ministry – video in which Jeff Vanderstelt defines “missional”

In case you missed it, he said “missional” means “God’s church is so saturated in the gospel and the mission of Jesus that they see themselves as the sent ones of Jesus in all of life to make disciples who make disciples so that the earth gets saturated with people who love Jesus, and God is glorified in all things.”

Josh Reeves says that missional just means “that we live every day as missionaries”.

Links to a large number of videos – Missional Church Network

Exponential’s and Sentralized’s series on “Clarifying Missional”

A Moritorium On The “M” Word – Michael Frost
A New Measurement Of “Success” – Jen Hatmaker
A Call For Missional Hospitality – Deb Hirsch
Choosing To Live “Sent” – Matt Smay

Being Missional

Thoughts On Becoming A Missional Church


“Missional” but confused about the mission

A concern is that many people talk about “missional church” but don’t seem to know what they are trying to achieve. It can mean simply a desire to engage with the wider society but may lack any understanding of making disciples of Jesus.

Celebrating 100 years Of Missional Fog – Steve Addison referring to Paul Johnson’s article, Eighteen Leaders Discuss The Mission Of Jesus Christ Today

Why The Missional Church Will Fail – Mike Breen. See also Part 2.

Responses to Mike Breen
Mike Breen Is Wrong: Why Missional Won’t Fail by Rohad
If The Missional Movement Fails So Does Discipleship by J.R. Rozko
There Is No Discipleship Without Mission by Corey Fields

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