Evangelistic Churches

Evangelistic Churches

The Church and Evangelism – Mark Dever (Desiring God)

Connecting Evangelism and Church – Jonathan Leeman, 9Marks

Re-thinking Evangelism: A Powerful Plan For The Church – Babby Harrington & Bill Hull, Exponential

The Priority of Evangelism

Seven Reasons Why Evangelism Should Be A Priority In Your Church – Thom Rainer

The Biggest Myth In The Church Today On Evangelism – Francis Chan interview

How To Evangelise

The Seismic Shift In Outreach – James Emery White argues that our culture is most interested in “cause” then “community” and that we need to reach people here before introducing Christ.

The Key To Sharing Your Faith In A Post-Christian Culture – an extract from Mud and Masterpiece by John Burke

Dr Rosaria Butterfield – The Secret Thoughts Of An Unlikely Convert

An interview with Dr Rosaria Butterfield, former lesbian, containing many thoughts about how churches should reach out to people.

For an article identifying some of the lessons, see 8 Evangelism Lessons From A Former Lesbian You’ll Never Forget by Nicholas McDonald.

See also, My Train-Wreck Conversion, Christianity Today


Should Baptism Be Spontaneous?

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