An Evangelistic Culture

Developing An Evangelistic Culture in the Church

Some suggestions

  1. Ensure that everyone in the church knows that the heart of the church’s mission is making disciples of Jesus and that all Christians are called to be involved.
  2. Lead by example.
  3. Preach on Jesus, encouraging people to trust Him and follow Him.
  4. Preach on Jesus’ mission drawing lessons from what He did and how He did it.
  5. Encourage the telling of stories about evangelism and conversions.
  6. Publicly honour those who are seeking to be obedient in share the gospel.
  7. Make a big deal of conversions and baptisms.
  8. Regularly pray for conversions and for workers to go into the harvest.
  9. Identify the evangelists in the church and honour them.
  10. Encourage and equip them to train others in evangelism.
  11. Give many opportunities for evangelism.
    1. Encourage/require small groups to engage in some intentional evangelism
    2. Encourage people to join mission teams to other parts of the city, country or world
  12. Train people in evangelism.
  13. Counter the view that evangelism is something we get a visiting expert to do.
  14. Invite visiting evangelists when they are willing to train the locals as part of their role.

Bruce Collingwood, OASIS Church, Napier, New Zealand

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