The Mission of the Church

What is the mission of the church?

Churches often write mission statements, hopefully discerning from scripture what it is that God has called the church to do. Despite that, this is a topic of considerable debate.

Keith Ferdinando – Mission: A Problem of Definition (Themelios article) – useful summary of different understandings of mission

9 Marks Journal, Nov-Dec 2010 – reviews of various books dealing with the mission of the church. Downloadable as a pdf or for an ereader.

Greg Gilbert interview blog

Mission Zero – free ebook – Vince Antonucci, Exponential

The Kingdom of Newbold (parable) – Peter Cheyne

Why the Evangelisation Of The World Is The Priority Of The Christian Church (pdf, Book chapter) – Julian Batchelor

Making Disciples: God’s Way To Transform Nations – Mission Frontiers magazine

The Mission Of The Church – Bible studies (mp3 and pdf) by Dr Andrew Corbett

Kevin DeYoung (Truth and Life Conference 2012)

Kevin DeYoung – Desiring God conference, 2010 – video

Kevin DeYoung again – short interview

What is church?

Whiteboard: Whole Church, Whole Gospel, Whole World

Rethininking Church – Francis Chan

Alan Hirsch quoting C.S. Lewis

The Purpose Driven Church (Rick Warren)

A Purpose Driven Overview (20 minutes)

Rick Warren on the 5 purposes of a church

What is the missional church? – Alan Hirsch

Jesus’ mission

Leading Churches That look Like Jesus – Aubry Smith

Disciple-making or Social action? What is the relationship?

See our Social Action page.

Discussion between John Piper, Tim Keller and Don Carson

Debate between Al Mohler and Jim Wallis

John Piper – Your pastor is not you political activist

Karen Swallow Prior tells the story of Hannah More

You will notice how More’s social convictions grew from her theological convictions. Citizens of the God’s Kingdom dream of that Kingdom. They long for a better world and they work to see God honoured in everything and people being treated as they should.

The Centrality of Disciple-making

The Bottom Line of Church Ministry (blog) – Eric Geiger

Discipleship: The Primary Task Of The Church – Todd Hiestand

How churches fake God’s work

What Should Churches measure?

What churches choose to measure reveals what they believe their mission to be. Measuring real spiritual growth is difficult but not impossible. What constitutes “success” in a church and how do we measure it? See our “Measuring Success” page

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