Measuring Success In a Church

What constitutes “success” in a church?

What we measure often reveals what we believe to be important. Or it simply indicates the difficulty of measuring something real in the life of a church. Difficult but not impossible. What should we measure and how can we do it?

How To Measure Success In A Church – blog by Peter Cheyne

Jim Putman – at Exponential 2013

What Should We Measure In The Church Today? – Richard Foster

Dave deVries’ blog Measuring Success In Your Church points out the possibility of measuring “a proxy”, i.e. a characteristic that doesn’t really reflect the purpose of the church.

How Do You Measure The Impact of Your Ministry? – Dave deVries suggests that what we report on (and talk about) indicates what we think is important.

From Decisions To Disciples – Dave deVries

How Do You Define A Win? – Matt Steen

Measuring Success Missionally – Pastor Rod’s blog. Cites and comments on Doug Resler’s missional metrics.

How Do We Measure Success? – Gregg Burch’s blog

Exponential ebooks

Measuring The Orchard – a free ebook by Geoff Surratt on the Exponential website

Keeping Score – Dave Fergusson


How Pastors and Church Planters Can Measure Success – Geoff Surratt article

A Plan For measuring Success In The Church – Michael Wallenmeyer

Measuring Success In Ministry – David Phillips. (See also his kindle ebook The New Ministry Metric)

Ministry Key Performance Indicators – article by Rashan

The Numbers Game – 13-page ebook by Chris Mavity and Steve Caton, with 9 suggested measures

Getting Intentional About Discipleship – Regis Nicoll (C.S. Lewis Institute)

Steve Addison blogs on 6 essentials we must track, from a Church Planting Movements perspective. They are: 1) Seeing the need, 2) Connecting with people, 3) Sharing the gospel, 4) Training disciples, 5) Gathering communities, 6) Multiplying workers

Why Your Church Needs To Stop Counting People – Joe LaGuardia (EthicsDaily)

If You Are Not Counting Numbers How Do You Know Your Church Is Healthy? 23 non-numeric measures

Mark Dever on Church Size and Our Faithfulness

Measurement Tools

Your church’s APGAR Score

Disciple-making Effectiveness

Assessment tools to evaluate a church’s effectiveness at making disciples

How Important Is Accountability In Evangelism? – Julian Batchelor

10 Ways To Know Your Church Is Making Disciples – Ron Edmonson

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