Social Action

It is a mistake to discuss whether the mission of the church is disciple-making or social action. It is both! Churches that neglect either need to re-think that.

We discuss elsewhere the relationship between the two. In brief, disciples of Jesus will reflect the values of Jesus. Citizens of the Kingdom of God live by the values of the King, and the King makes it clear that He cares about the poor, the disadvantaged, and those who are victims of injustice. The priority is making disciples of Jesus Christ but disciples are concerned about social issues. Disciples of Jesus love others as they love themselves.


Good Works Empower The Gospel – Ralph D. Winter, Mission Frontiers magazine. See also Winter’s longer article, The Future Of Evangelicals In Mission

Evangelism, Naturally – Kevin Harney of Shoreline Community Church talks about social programmes including evangelism naturally.

Be The Church

Does Justice Distract Us From The Gospel? – Ken Wytsma (video)

Why It is Dangerous To Misrepresent The Gospel – Mez McConnell, who works in one of Scotland’s most deprived housing schemes, lists five reasons we must understand that the gospel is.

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