Disciple-making General

If you have someone in mind already and you want to know what to do to help that person be a disciple of Jesus Christ, jump straight to the “How To Make Disciples” page.

See “The Mission Sequence” as a practical tool for making disciples.

Why Is Disciple-making Important? – Dave Gibbons

What Are we Trying To Do?

What is Christian maturity?

How To Disciple Someone

If you want focused, practical help in making disciples of some particular people, click here.

Information about disciple-making

Do be sure to check out the sections on more specific aspects of disciple-making. (See the “Disciple-making” menu above.)

Greg Ogden – Making Disciples Like Jesus Did

Part 1 – Discipleship

Part 2 – How Jesus Made Disciples

Part 3 – How We Can Make Disciples

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way: A Few At A Time – Greg Ogden

The Chopping Block


Discipleship For Changing Times And Ministries – Michael j. Wilkins (C.S. Lewis Institute)

A Discipleship Revolution – the January/February 2011 edition of Mission Frontiers (pdf version) – contains several very worthwhile articles plus additional material

Trellis and Vine Talk – (podcasts) – around concepts related to the book “The Trellis and the Vine” although general in nature. Valuable.

Multiple audio recordings on the theme of “Multiplying Churches, Home Groups, leaders and Disciples” the 2012 series from Xenos Church.

Go and Make Disciples of All Nations a study/course by Greg Herrick

Top 10 Things I Need To Know About Discipleship (actually “disciple-making”!) – short article

Jesus’ Holistic View Of Discipleship – University Bible Fellowship

Inter-generational Discipleship For Leadership Development: A Mixed-methods Study – Scott Michael Douglas, Doctor of Education thesis