How To Make Disciples

Do you want to make disciples? That is fantastic! Jesus’ plan is that all disciples make disciples.

Do you have someone in mind?

Disciple-making is a process of walking with people as they come to faith in Jesus and then continuing to walk with them as they grow to Christian maturity.

If you have someone in mind, let us suggest some steps you might take.

1. Go to “The Mission Sequence” (Link below). Use this as the platform for your disciple-making.
          Identify what you have already done with this person.
          Are there some steps that you have skipped? is it important to concentrate on them now?
2. Identify the next step.
          Follow the link on the Mission Sequence page for more information on that step.

The Mission Sequence

How Not To Make Disciples – Francis Chan

Disciple-making in General

Disciple-making On A Day-To-Day Basis – David Platt

Making Disciples Jesus’ Way: A few At A Time (article) – Greg Ogden, favours triads.

Discipleship – It Starts With You (articles) – Karl Johnson

Joining The Discipleship Revolution (blog article from Mission Frontiers magazine) – Robby Butler (or see the pdf version)

Reproducing Fishers Of Men (article) – Robby Butler

Methods of Disciple-making (Word article, a study of biblical methods) – Herb Hodges

Practical Ways To Be Missional – Verge

7 God-directed Deviations In Disciple-making – Miguel Labrador

Some Models For Discipleship – Bob Logan

Disciple-making 101 – t4tUSA

What Christians get Wrong About Discipleship – Ann Swindell (Relevant Magazine)

#noplaceleft: Interview with Phil and Monika Clark, Church Army New Zealand.

4 Ways To Make Disciples – teach, correct, model, love – Mark Dever, Gospel Coalition

A Certain Kind – Edmund Chan


Sometimes analogies help us to understand the principles. in fact, sometimes we realise that we already know how to do it. We have been using the same principles in another context.

Apprenticeships – Peter Cheyne (article)

Some other analogies you might consider:

  • Parenting
  • The training of knights
  • cultural examples of knowledge being passed on by elders

Specific Aspects of Disciple-making

The Strategy

The Curriculum

High Growth Environments

Your Investment 

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