The Curriculum

What Disciples Need To Do

Jesus defined the discipleship curriculum when he said, “Teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.” (Matt 28:20) The emphasis is on obedience not knowledge and the curriculum is “everything I have commanded you”.

MTS Apprentice Curriculum (Ministry Training Strategy)

Developing Virtue And Character – Lucy Peppiatt (Westminster Theological Centre), Evangelical Alliance

It is hard to discern the curriculum Jesus used with His disciples. Much of the teaching arose serendipitously from the life situations He and the disciples found themselves in.

On the other hand, Jesus knew what  He wanted the disciples to have learnt by the time that He left them.

Having a curriculum can give shape to a discipling relationship and is especially helpful when we aren’t sure what we should be doing. However, avoid the temptation to work slavishly through written material when the best lesson might be learnt by relating, doing life together and spotting those serendipitous opportunities.

How to choose course/curriculum material

Characteristics of good curriculum/course material

Choosing a Discipleship Curriculum – from Core Discipleship

Reviews of discipleship courses

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Curriculum material available

List of discipleship courses

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