Using The Bible

The Bible and Disciple-making (Paul’s example with Timothy)

Deeper Bible Engagement Is Vital – John Stevens (FIEC), Evangelical Alliance

Teaching your disciple Bible study methods

Disciple-making and Sentence Diagramming – the first of a series of blog by Tim Brister focusing on observation  as the first step in Bible study.

Discovery Bible Study Method (as developed by David Watson and used in Church Planting Movements and Disciple-making Movements)

Discovery Bible Studymissional challenge site

What Is The Discovery Bible Study Method Used In Simple Churches And Disciple-making? – David Watson

Inductive Bible Study Process – Paul Watson on the Church Planting Movements Training Resources site

Obedience-based Discipleship

Discovery Bible Study Process (PowerPoint)

Discovery Bible Studies

Discovery Bible Studies – Bible Reading Project

From Creation to Christ – Guided Discovery Bible Study Reference List – David Watson, TouchPoint

Variations on the Discovery Bible Study method

Discovery Bible study method for an interactive study of scripture

Communal Discovery Study Method

Discovery Bible Study – Floyd & Sally McClung

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