It’s Primarily Relational

See also

Relate First

The Silver-Bullet For Disciple-making (a Charles Arn blog)

Life2Life – series of articles by Bill Mowry

Relationships: The Glue Of Discipleship – course notes (The Orlando Institute)

Disciplemaking – A Life On Life Approach – Roger Fleming (Navigators)

Watching Our Language – On the basis of John 15:15, where Jesus calls His disciples His “friends”, John Blase suggests our goal is not so much to make disciples but to make friends. How does that change the feel of our relationships?

Be An Example

This is disciple-making – Jo Saxton. Watch the video on this page. Jo Saxton focuses on the need for a living example.

Imitate Me – Paul urged people to imitate him. (Article by Justin Taylor, The Gospel Coalition)

For much more see our mentoring page.

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