The Importance Of Mentoring – Jim Brown (Exodus Europe), Evangelical Alliance

Mentor Reader – Clinton Articles On Mentoring – 13 articles

A Biblical Model Of Mentoring With A Knowledge Management Perspective – Alton Chua & Pelham Lessing

Spiritual Mentoring – Tom Schwanda (audio) Seminar Handouts

  1. Nature And Need For Mentoring in Today’s Church
  2. Cultivating Attentive Listening
  3. The Fine Art of Asking Questions
  4. Beginning and Developing a Mentoring Relationship
  5. Discernment of Experiences and “Call”

Spiritual Mentoring: Part 1 – Clare De Graaf

Spiritual Mentoring: Part 2 – Clare De Graaf

Good Mentoring – Lesa Engelthaler

The Art Of Mentoring As A Grad Student – Hannah Eagleson

Make Devoted Disciples – Erik Johnson

Mentoring New Leaders – a pack from Christianity Today’s Building Church Leaders resources

From Relevant Dude To Spiritual Father. – Kevin A. Miller explores the pastoral role of spiritual fathering/mothering as opposed to leadership and of being a father to young people rather than a peer.

Bill Mowry – Alongsider Adventure (series of articles)

The Biblical Basis For Mentoring

Is Spiritual Mentoring A Biblical Idea

Mentoring: Following The Example Of Christ – Ann Palmer Bradley

The Biblical Model Of Mentoring –

How To Mentor

Mentoring Others – Emerging Leaders 101

18 Keys To Successful Mentoring – Bill Easum & Bil Cornelius

What The Best Mentors Do – Harvard Business Review article by Anthony K. Tjan

Being A Mentor

Are You Mentor Material – an assessment by Radical Mentoring

Being The Mentor You Would Like To Have (PowerPoint) – What qualities would you want in a mentor? Can you be that for others? How does it compare with Jesus?

See also

Starting A Mentoring Relationship

Asking Questions

20 Accountability Questions For The Christian Walk

Christian Mentoring Questions – Dr Jeff Myers

End-of-year Questions For Reflection –  Waylon Moore

Mentoring Questions – Dr Steve Brown

Types of Mentoring Relationship


Small group

Teacher/disciple mentoring i.e. where there is an unequal relationship; the mentor is more mature than the disciple – even if only a little bit.

Peer mentoring

Mentoring Women

How Christian Woman Can Mentor And Be Mentored – Kelley Matthews

Mutual Mentoring

Mutuality In Mentoring – Rowland Forman

Developing A Mentoring Programme

How To Develop A Mentoring Program – Dr Richard J. Krejcir, Into Thy Word


Radical Mentoring – resources men to be mentors

Titus 2 Mentoring Women – the sisters site to Radical Mentoring

Mentoring – Discipleship Tools

Mentoring – Christian Women – several articles

Faith-centred Mentoring and More


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