The Mission Sequence

I want to suggest that there is a sequence that we can see in the ministry of Jesus and that makes a lot of sense. It might even provide a programme for individuals and for churches wanted to work towards making disciples. Start with step one. When you are ready add step two, and watch what God does.

Every situation is different. Every person is an individual. This sequence cannot be followed slavishly. We need to be flexible enough to adjust for the particular situation. Nevertheless, the sequence is worth studying and following.

The sequence is:

Pre-evangelism 1. Filled and Led by the Holy Spirit
2. Pray
3. Go to where people are
4. Build relationships
5. Demonstrate the Kingdom
Evangelism 6. Talk about Jesus
7. Seek a response of faith and repentance
Discipling 8. Incorporate into fellowship
9. Mentor to maturity in the context of mission
Multiplication 10. Commission the disciple to repeat the process

Steps 4 and 5 can easily happen the other way around. It might be through demonstrating the Kingdom of God that a relationship is begun.

Demonstrating the Kingdom might also be called “Allow God to reveal Himself through you” or “Imitate Jesus”.

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Don’t replace. Add.

Sequence red

In the mission sequence you do not leave anything behind! For example, you don’t stop praying when you go to where people are. You simply add the second step while maintaining the first. Likewise, you do not stop talking about Jesus when you are mentoring. Disciples are students of Jesus. You must always talk about Jesus.

How To Use The Mission Sequence

  1. Identify which steps you have already taken together.
  2. Are there any that you have skipped and should now to take time to put in place?
  3. What is the next step?
  4. Follow the links above for more information about that step.

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