Demonstrate the Kingdom

People do not want to simply hear that something works. They want to see that it works for you. The fact that it works for you may make them very hungry for what you have.

Similarly, theory about God’s Kingdom will not be nearly as powerful as experiencing something of that Kingdom. Any expression of the Kingdom in this world can be only partial but even partial is infinitely more powerful than nothing.

When we live out the values of the kingdom of God, people can be invited to “come an see”. The different lifestyle they encounter will then give rise to questions. Those questions are our opportunity to talk about Jesus.

The challenge though is that this step in the mission sequence challenges us to live radically transformed lives that do reflect Jesus.

Michael Frost – Rethinking Witness

Missional communities

Some churches refer to missional communities. They are communities that embrace others and demonstrate the values of the kingdom with the intention of leading those people to faith in Jesus.

Social concern

I don’t know if these are Kingdom people but we can still learn from them.

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