Invest Heavily


It is clear that Jesus invest a huge amount of time into the Twelve. We generally cannot see that that is practical. We certainly cannot do this full-time and we live pressured lives. There is no time left.

We might then ask ourselves two questions:

  1. We are busy doing what? Are our priorities the same as God’s? Or is God asking us to be counter-cultural and model what it is to prioritise people? Is God asking us to have time for people?
  2. Can we make disciples of people while we are living our normal life? Can we seek to disciple those we mix with anyway? Can we simply take an apprentice along with us? In other words, can we disciple people without adding anything to our time?

Probably the answer to the last question is “No” because we might want to add time for reflection on what we have experienced. Nevertheless, a great deal of disciple-making can happen in the course of live if we are intentional about every situation being an opportunity.

How to fit mission into your schedule – Paul Tripp

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