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Omega Discipleship

A cyclic series of studies that take people from being pre-Christian through to being disciple-makers. Written by Ian Malins. Because the course is divided into a number of books, users can start where appropriate and the course can be as long or as short as is sensible.

Book 5 is specifically about being a disciple-maker.

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Availability: readily available via the web site or, in New Zealand, John Fuller

Contact: John Fuller

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Making Disciple-makers

A course workbook by Ron Berrus.

Nine chapters:

  1. It’s Not A Course. It’ A Relationship – Life In Tandem
  2. Three Roles Of A Disciple-maker – Teacher, father, Coach
  3. Four Illustrations. Four Occupations – Investor, Soldier, Athlete, Farmer
  4. Three Principles Of Form and Function – Repeatable, Thorough, Continual
  5. Four Areas Of Growth: #1 Doctrine
  6. Four Areas Of Growth: #2 Disciplines
  7. Four Areas Of Growth: #3 Character
  8. Four Areas Of Growth: #4 Skills
  9. Crucial Choices; Limited Time – Who Is More Important Than How

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A course written by Francis Chan

Web site

Availability: Course material available free online. Also available in book form. There are videos for each lesson. Go to the Multiply site, click the “Materials” tab, find the lesson you want and click on “Read More”.

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