Sites – Disciple-making


Missional Challenge – I am not sure how you navigate this site but you can follow the links at the bottom of each page to hopefully find articles and blogs that interest you.

Growing Disciples – a blog on the Lifeway site, hosted by Claude King – Bobby Harrington’s site. See the handbook, articles and “next steps”


Disciple-making International

Intentional Discipleship Network

The LICC Imagine project

Mentoring Waylon B. Moore’s site

To Be Like Him – disciple-making material, articles etc by Herb Hodges, Daniel W. Baugh and John Baugh

Baptist Start Page

Core Discipleship – a process and lots of free resources


Herb Hodge’s personal site

Operation Multiplication (Billie Hanks Jr)

2 Tim 2:2

Multiply – study material including videos for training disciple-makers

Biblical Disciple-making

Canadian National Baptist Convention

Logan leadership

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