The Great Commission


Ray Hollenbach – A New Look At The Great Commission

The Great Commission (article)

The Great Commission – Bill Mounce ( (audio)

The Great Commissions: Matthew (article) – Nathan Creitz
The Great Commissions: Luke (article) – Nathan Creitz
The Great Commissions: John (article) – Nathan Creitz

Great Commission Passages In The New Testament – Dr Timothy Tennent ( (audio) – General comments plus a focus on Matthew’s version of the Great Commission
Great Commission Passages In The Gospel Of Mark – Dr Timothy Tennent ( (audio)

Dr. Aubrey Malphurs on The Meaning of Going and Making Disciples

Missional Discipleship: Re-Interpreting The Great Commission – Jonathan Dodson

Every Disciple Making Disciples – David Platt

 The Great Commission

Robby Gallaty preaches on the Great Commission, “Desperate Times Call For Disciple-making Measures”

The Meaning Of Ethne In Matthew 28:19 – Luis Bush, Mission Frontiers magazine

Spoken word by Odd Thomas

More Resources

Books on the Great Commission

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