How To Disciple Christians



Richard J. Foster & Dallas WillardThe Making Of The Christian (Christianity Today article) – spiritual formation and discipleship

Gordon MacDonald has discovered his “ministry sweet spot” – the aspect of ministry that he finds most fulfilling and most effective. In his semi-fictional book, Going Deep, he terms it “cultivating deep people” i.e. investing in a small number of selected people so as to grow them to spiritual maturity. He says this is the pastors top priority and absolutely necessary if the church is to have quality leaders in the turbulent times ahead. Interview about the book.

From Relevant Dude To Spiritual Father.Kevin A. Miller explores the pastoral role of spiritual fathering/mothering as opposed to leadership and of being a father to young people rather than a peer.

Practical DisciplingJason Weimer

How NOT To Disciple Christians

The Biblical concept of disciple-making can be distorted and become something dangerous rather than magnificent.

The Shepherding Movement (1970s)

The Shepherding Movement


Discipline does not equal discipleship

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