How To Evangelise


Principles of Good Evangelism
Bad Evangelism
Practical Evangelism Skills
Presenting the Gospel
Online Training Resources
Particular Groups

See also

The Mission Sequence
Talk About Jesus


Dave Mann – Shining Lights

Dave Mann has produced a series of 14 short videos that comprise an “equipping mini-series

Julian Batchelor

Julian Batchelor on Evangelism

Evangelism In The 21st Century – Tim Keller answers a number of questions

10 Ways To Jumpstart Your Personal Evangelism – list with links to articles by Chris Walker (EvangelismCoach)

What Everybody Ought To Know About Effective Evangelism – links to various articles on the Verge site

“No Other Name” (a band) talk about our responsibility to share the gospel and give some foundational steps.

Spiritual Conversations

Spiritual Conversation Killers – Chapter 1 of Doug Pollock’s book “GodSpace”

Critiques of various methods

Evangelism For Today – a series of blog posts by Seth McBee

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