Practical Evangelism Skills

Evangelism Tools

4 Free Evangelism Tools Everyone Must Have – Chris Walker (


Loving The Lost – article, Ed Stetzer


Listening For Heaven’s Sake, Doug Pollock, Xenos conference 2012

Listen For Heaven’s Sake – Doug Pollock, Xenos 2012

Evangelism: The Piece We Often Overlook – Bob Coy,

Ask Questions

The Power of Questions In Conversational Evangelism – set of links

Tell Stories

Unleashing The Gospel Through Storytelling – Mission Frontiers. (pdf version)

Telling the Gospel through Story – Christine Dillon (Christianity Today). See also Bible Storytelling (Evangelicals Now)

Evangelism As Story-telling – Michael Cassidy (Lausanne World Pulse)

The Gospel As Story and Evangelism Story Telling – George G. Robinson

Storytelling And Creative Evangelism Help Bring Gospel Across Europe


Storying The Scriptures

Bible Stories


For more on storytelling skills, click here.

Tell Your Own Story (Testimony)

Testimony Guidelines – Peter Cheyne. (Can be printed as a booklet)

30 Minutes To A Shareable Testimony

How To Develop A More Powerful Testimony Presentation

Telling your Faith Story Using A Bible Story

How To Prepare Your 3-minute Personal Testimony

The Big Story

There is His story (the story of Jesus), my story (the story of what Jesus has done in my life) but there is also The Big Story. The Big Story is the story of God’s plan of salvation that is unwrapped in throughout the whole Bible. There is a single story being told that points, at every stage, to Jesus.

The Big Story

Engaging Culture

Engaging Contemporary Culture – 4 talks by Jerram Bars

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