Principles – Good Evangelism

Rely On The Holy Spirit

We cannot evangelise without the power of God working in other people’s lives. We simply cannot change hearts or bring conviction. Only the Holy Spirit can. Jesus specifically told the Eleven not to leave Jerusalem on mission until they had received the Holy Spirit.

Rethinking Witness: Engaging The Spirit’s Power – Larry Walkemeyer,

Build relationships

More people come to faith through a friend than through all other methods combined. I can’t quote the data for that statement. I just think I heard it somewhere. Even if it is not strictly true, it is true that relationships are the most effective vehicle for evangelism.

Of course, they have to be good relationships.

What is better than JUDGING non-Christians? – Carey Nieuwhof

Between Westboro Baptist And Rob Bell – Stephen Altrogge. This article talks about the dangers of simply “blasting” everything and of accepting everything. It says that evangelism needs to be simultaneously respectful and challenging. To do that well we need to know the other person.

The Person Of Peace

Why We Should Look For People Of Peace – Jo Saxton

The Introverted Evangelist – Set McBee


Too many evangelists simply talk but it is only by listening that we show respect for people and that we find out what is appropriate. I have had people try to persuade me to be a Christian even though I am! They simply haven’t taken the time to listen.

Ask Questions

Questions Make Christians – Jeff Klein

Questioning Evangelism, Part 1 – Randy Newman, C.S. Lewis Institute
Questioning Evangelism, Part 2 – Randy Newman, C.S. Lewis Institute

Understanding the person’s current spiritual state

The Engel Scale

The Engel Scale Explained: An Interpersonal Communication Model (excerpt from Tell It Often, Tell It Well by Mark McCoskey)

Understand the person’s needs

Live It

Your actions will speak louder than your words. Integrity means consistence between your actions and your words. Your actions might be the beginnings of a friendship; might meet a need; might give rise to questions about your motivation.

Make sure you are living a Christ-like life.

Come And See – Peter Cheyne

“Taste And See” Evangelism – John Burke, Outreach Magazine


This Isn’t Your Mama’s Evangelism – David Fitch

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