What is the Gospel?


    • Introduction
    • The Big Story. What is God’s story – the story the Bible tells from beginning to end?


There are various presentations of the gospel on pages designed for non-Christians who want to know what Christianity is about. You can see some brief presentations and some fuller presentations.

However, this page is for Christians who want to share the gospel and therefore want to be clearer about it.

While it might seem that surely we should be very clear about this question, it actually requires a lot of thought. How faithful to the scriptural message is each presentation of the gospel? The gospel can be boiled down to its absolute essentials but then it loses much of its breadth. It can be applied to the individual but then lose its cosmic significance. On the other hand, we may need to distill the essentials so as to present it succinctly.

Consider the material here in discerning what the gospel really is.

D.A. Carson – How Would You Explain The Gospel In Five Minutes?

D.A. Carson – How Should We Understand The Gospel?

Recommended: D.A. Carson’s video presentations of his book The God Who is There provide Christians with insights into the meaning of the gospel in the context of the whole Bible story.

Michael Green – The Apostolic Gospel

Written synopsis and discussion questions

Dallas Willard (Interviewed by John Ortberg) – What the Church Needs To Get Right

Pastor Shane Idleman – The Gospel In Five Minutes

Ed Stetzer – Proclaim The Gospel

Dave Mann – Shining Lights

What is The Gospel? – a 2-page handout

David Platt – Why people Don’t Make Disciples

Pastor Brian Zahnd – an alternative view of the gospel

Pastor Zahnd contrasts what he calls the “judicial” and the “restorative” understandings of the gospel suggesting that the restorative view is much more biblical.

Ray Comfort

God Has A Wonderful Plan For Your Life – Ray Comfort points to the many non-Christians within churches and questions the gospel that is being preached.

Julian Batchelor

What is The Content Of The Gospel We Are To Proclaim To Non-Christians? – Julian Batchelor

Jesus’ Gospel versus Paul’s Gospel

Did Jesus Preach The Gospel – John Piper, Tim Keller, Don Carson

 Mez McConnell

Why It is Dangerous To Misrepresent The Gospel – Mez McConnell, who works in one of Scotland’s most deprived housing schemes, lists five reasons we must understand that the gospel is.

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