Why Evangelise?

How Much Do You Have To hate Someone Not To Proselytise? – James Emery White

Telling Others The Gospel, Even When It Is Difficult – Luis Palau

William Booth’s Vision of the Lost

Christ’s Purpose In Evangelism – John Piper, Desiring God (sermon + transcript)

Parables about evangelism

Survival of the Apes (parable) – Peter Cheyne

A Parable On Evangelism – Elden Walter

The Parable of the Lifeboat Station – Theodore Wedel

The Parable Of The Orange Trees – John White

The Society For Picking Apples – James M. Weber

A Parable Of Fishless Fishermen – John M. Drescher

Ready And Unashamed

Daisy Chains

This video is just one example of why we need to evangelise. There are plenty of other areas in which people do not understand God’s reality.

Why Most Christians Don’t And Why We Should

Why Evangelism Is Hard, But Necessary – Greg Stier

Is Evangelism REALLY Necessary? – a response to Stier by Alex Crain

Must Every Christian Evangelize? – Timothy Beougher

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