Getting Started

Are you interested in the idea of being a follower of Jesus? How does that relationships start? And, is it even a good idea?

Well, good on you for even being willing to ask the questions.

This site will give you lots of resources for understanding more of what it means.

This section is simply about making a start. There is material on:

  • The gospel – what is the central message of Good news that Jesus represents?
  • Who is Jesus? – The man, Jesus stands at the centre of Christianity. Who is He? What has He done? Would you want to follow this man?
  • What will it mean? – If you do decide to follow Jesus, what will happen?
  • Still got questions? – There are many questions you might have, even objections. We have tried to provide resources to enable you to grapple more with those questions.
  • Ready to act – If you have decided to follow Jesus, let us help you take that step.
  • Resources – More books, sites, stories, apps etc.

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