G7- The Gospel In 7

G7The Gospel In 7

Stu Miller, the author of this evangelism app, writes…

New Gospel Apps released – FREE resource making it easy for Christians to share the Gospel!

If you are looking for a fantastic presentation of the Gospel that you can use with your family, friends, workmates and even total strangers, then this is the App for you. A must have for anyone wanting to share a clear Gospel message in an interesting and loving way. Best Gospel presentation App available, there is nothing else like it!

  • Video and Interactive presentation options
  • Easy to use – just read and tap, or just play the video
  • No jargon
  • Visually appealing
  • Short and long versions – 5min or 7min
  • Personalize it for the person you are sharing with
  • Insert your own photo in to customize it for you
  • Versatile – share with your family, friends, workmates, neighbors, and even total strangers
  • Helps you create the opportunity to share the Gospel with the option of an icebreaker quiz (even adds up the score for you!)
  • Comprehensive yet easy to understand
  • Customized automated emails sent to anyone wanting to know more
  • Narration bar can be turned on or off
  • Use it on or off-line
  • Results can be uploaded – Link in with others around the world using this presentation
  • No other Gospel App like it – very sophisticated yet easy to use!

“I always prayed for opportunities to preach the Gospel, but now I have the right tools to do it myself (with of course the help of God)”   (L.T.  Auckland, New Zealand)

As a full time evangelist for 20 years I have never seen a better Gospel presentation tool than this, it has revolutionized my evangelism! Many people from all over the world are being empowered to more effectively share the Gospel.

“The gospel presentation tool that is used enables everyday believers to share the gospel with people in everyday life.” (Rod Jobe, Senior Pastor of Church on the Rise, Queensland)

So often I have been frustrated by tracts and tools that are antiquated, full of religious jargon and difficult scriptures, are complicated to use, limited in their application and worst of all lacking vital elements of the Gospel that scholars agree should be part of a full Gospel message! Most Christians in the West struggle to share the Gospel, and if they do it’s normally with lots of religious jargon.  But sometimes Christians only need to get the right tool in their hands and they are ready, equipped and empowered!

“More than 200 people saved… Still continuing the work until now.” (G.P. North Samar, The Philippines)

This presentation is:

  • Modern and visually stimulating, maintaining people’s interest and enhancing their understanding
  • Void of religious jargon so you can clearly communicate in everyday language
  • No complicated scriptures so people are less likely to feel ‘bible-bashed’ by you or embarrassed that they don’t understand
  • Easy to use, allowing anyone to become an excellent communicator
  • Theologically sound, giving you that extra confidence that you are presenting the full historic Gospel and not leaving vital elements out
  • Great for keeping people on track, removing the ‘red herrings’ that often dominate discussions about God and often lead to arguments
  • Very little memorization (just a couple of lines as to how to start off). You can start sharing the Gospel sooner and with no fear of ‘forgetting’ what to say
  • Loving and gentle in its approach, reflecting God’s heart and allows you to leave the person with their dignity in tact
  • Highly motivational and challenging, it moves people to action as they are convicted by the Holy Spirit
  • Complete with a response function. This helps you facilitate various follow up options so that people can always get the help they need at their current level of commitment
  • Tried and tested with over quarter of a million people. It’s been refined and proven to be effective so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Very versatile as you can use it in a variety of contexts – friendships, street witnessing, as you meet people in your day etc.

“It is the best method I’ve seen of how to proclaim the Gospel” (T.M.  Retired lady from Queensland, Australia)

Get it for FREE for your iPhone

here, iPad here

or your Android phone

here, or Tablet here.  People love this App and is such a great way to share the Gospel.

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