Still got questions

Questions are OK. You wouldn’t be expected to give your life to something that was nonsense. Test the truth of Christianity. It can handle it. (The logical defense of Christianity is called “apologetics”.)


General (Below)
The Bible – Can we trust the Bible? (Below)
Science AND Christianity
Other religions – Why do Christians claim that only Christianity is right? (Below)
Suffering – If God is loving and powerful, why is there so much suffering? (Below)
Christians – Why are Christians so nasty?


Tough Questions – a number of key questions addressed (Christianity Explored site)

Questions of Life – a number of questions answered.

The Hope – watch this video but note the list of questions down the right hand side. Each chapter of the video has different questions.

Explore God – lots of resources looking at lots of questions

More apologetics sites.

Particular Questions

The Bible

What is the Bible about?

Taste and See – a free ebook giving a taste of the major themes in the world’s all-time best seller, the Bible.

Is The Bible Reliable? True?

Whitney T. Kuniholm’s Top 10 Reasons The Bible Is True

What about other religions? Is Christianity alone true?

Faith of Choice

If God is good, why do people suffer?

This is a big question. People’s suffering can be terrible and it does raise doubts. There is no quick and easy answer. We will add more material but the following video illustrates just one aspect of the whole question.