Basic Presentations

The gospel is the core message of salvation through Jesus Christ. But how does that all work and how does it relate to you? Here are some basic presentations of the gospel. Can I suggest you ask God to help you understand them, then watch them?

What Is Christianity?

Be sure to visit the What is Christianity? site for more help including the script of this video. Recommended.

Falling Plates

I could include the video here but I think there is value in your going to the fallingplates site.

Jesus Tattoo

The Gospel In Four Minutes – a rap version

The Thread

The Big Story – James Choung’s “Four Circles”

 The Big Story “Sequel”

A demonstration of The Big Story app

The Best Story

An alternative presentation of The Big Story (above)

The Three Circles

The Three Circles – developed by Jimmy Scroggins, Family Church, South Florida. See three different presentations here.

Two Ways To Live

Two Ways To Live – web page presentation by MatthiasMedia

Quest For Joy

Quest For Joy (web page) – by John Piper

What is the gospel?

What is the gospel? (article) – R.C. Spoul

The Bridge To Life

Bridge To Life – 1 page pdf

Gospel Graffiti – a version of the Bridge To Life

Peace With God

An interactive video presentation from the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association site. Text version also avilable at this site.

 Knowing God Personally

An internet version of the tract by the same name from SonLife.

The Seed

The Seed (video, 14:22 min) – live concert presentation of the gospel from Train To Proclaim.

The Bible In 11 Minutes

The Bible In 11 Minutes (video min) – virtually the same as “The Seed” above.

The Four Spiritual Laws

The Four Spiritual Laws (web page) – a brief, classic presentation of the “good news”


Ray Vaughn presents God’s Story

The Room

A parable about what Jesus has done for all of us, by Josh Harris.

You can also read the script.

Interview With God

The Greatest Artist Of All Time – a poem by Jefferson Bethke

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