Fuller Presentations

The good news of Jesus is both very simple and cosmic in scope. Brief presentations cannot do justice to the full scope of the gospel. These fuller versions might fill in some gaps for you.

The Biblical Big Picture

What is The Gospel – The Big Picture – sermon by Alistair Donaldson at Hope Presbyterian Church, Christchurch

The Gospel Of The Kingdom – Peter Cheyne

Check out this Prezi presentation of the gospel based on the concept of the Kingdom of God.

A PDF version that you can use yourself is available here.

Other presentations

Paul Washer

Videos of D.A. Carson’s Book “The God Who is There: Finding Your Place In God’s Story”

14 videos, one for each chapter of the book

The Story of God

Christianity Explained

Christianity Explained (audio) – listen to Michael Bennett talk about and present the Christianity Explained course (7 x 10 minute interviews). Or download the mp3 files.

The Hope

The Hope – a series of videos (or you can watch the entire video) in various formats tracing the biblical story and revealing God’s plan of salvation. Note also that there are links to answers to numerous questions you might be asking.

What’s God Up To On Planet Earth – Mark Keown

What’s God Up To On Planet Earth (pdf) – Mark Keown’s down-sized version of his book by the same name. N.B. these tracts can be purchased.

Ultimate Questions

Ultimate Questions (web page) – John Blanchard

The Need For Evangelism – Mark Dever (Desiring God) (audio)