Who Is Jesus?

The question at the centre of it all is “Who Is Jesus?” It is, after all, Him we are being asked to follow.

Start with the Bible

The very best place to find out is to read some of the gospels in the Bible. The gosples are the first four books of the New Testament, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Here are some aids for doing that.

The Forty-Nine Steps

The Forty-Nine Steps (blog) – 49 readings from the Gospel of Mark with comments, to help you get to know Jesus. By Barry Tetley.

Why Jesus Came

There is far more to Jesus of course than why He came but these scriptures will give you an insight into His mission.

Here are some other answers.


Jesus’ Life and Ministry – 15 short lessons including video on the Godlife site

Why Jesus? – an interactive course

Follow Jesus On Twitter

Web pages and articles

Who Is Jesus? (web site) – basic information about Jesus plus opportunity to ask questions. Anyone can answer so the quality of answers varies.

Who Is Jesus? (web page with further links)

Who is Jesus? – Crosswalk.com page with links to various articles.

Why Jesus? – Jim Denison – article addressing lots of questions such as: Did Jesus really exist? What is the evidence for His resurrection?

Who is Jesus? – Mark Driscoll

Myths About Jesus

See the Jesus Myths YouTube channel (part of the God New Evidence channel). The first video in the series is below.