Following Jesus

Following Jesus is a massive topic. It does (or, at least, should) affects every aspect of our lives. This website cannot attempt to cover everything. Consequently, it will include only material on discipleship in general. If you want to know about how a follower of Jesus manages his/her money, for example, that is too specific for this site. Sorry about that.


Discipleship described

Discipleship – Dallas Willard’s entry from the Oxford Handbook of Evangelical Theology, 2010. A full description of discipleship.

What Is Your Understanding Of Biblical Discipleship?

Disciple, discipleship – Michael, J. Wilkins, Baker’s Evangelical Dictionary of Biblical Theology

Understanding the Meaning Of The Term ‘Disciple’

A Concise Look At Discipleship And Why World Evangelisation Hangs In The Balance – Bill Hull blogs

Bible Verses About Discipleship

Discipleship: Its Definition and Dangers – a study of Matthew 23:1-12 by Bob Deffinbaugh,

Biblical Discipleship – Graham Daly

Discipleship – Theopedia


“Discipleship” is commonly used in two ways, one, I believe, valid and the other not.

  1. discipleship is the condition or state of being a disciples (c.f. leadership, partnership, friendship)
  2. discipleship is the act of helping someone else grow in their faith.

Which is the valid definition?

The first is very broad. It embraces everything involved in following Jesus – how a Christian gets to know God better, loves his/her family, handles his/her money, interacts with difficult people, shares the gospel and a great number of other topics, including helping others grow in their faith. In other words, the second definition is one small segment of the first.

The first is a noun. It describes a condition. The second is an action. Grammatically, the “ship” on the end of “discipleship” makes it a noun.

The first definition is the valid one. Discipleship is much broader than helping others grow in their faith but it certainly includes that.

Discipleship is simply Christian living i.e. living as a follower of Jesus.

“Discipleship is taking the words of Jesus and putting them into practice.” – Lucy Peppiatt, (Westminister Theological Centre), Evangelical Alliance

Following Jesus

Disciples must always remember that they are students of Jesus. We follow Him, not another person (although that person might reflect Christ-likeness and is worth imitating) and not a distorted Jesus (e.g. our own version of Jesus). We follow the Jesus revealed in scripture.

The Call To Follow Jesus – John Stott (C.S. Lewis Institute)

Spiritual Discipleship – J. Oswald Sanders (C.S. Lewis Institute)

Discipleship Principles – Jeanette Hagen

The Padded Cross

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The Call To Discipleship – Timothy j. Keller (c.S. Lewis Institute)

Three Foundational Passages For Growing Disciples – Ray Hollenbach

For further study

Discipleship Or Grace: Must It be One Or The Other? – Bill Kynes (C.S. Lewis Institute)

Michael Craven’s series of blog articles on discipleship

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The Bible and Whole-Life Discipleship (London institute of Contemporary Christianity pdf)

Moving From Advocacy-Driven Religion To Follow Me Faith by Jonathan Merritt

What now?

You might like to go to the section dealing with your growth as a disciple.

There is material about the disciple’s lifestyle.

Or you could check out books, apps, sermons etc about discipleship