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Unfortunately, aspects of baptism have become controversial. In the history of the church people have been killed because of their views on baptism. The biggest difference  exists between those who believe in infant baptism and those who don’t. Other issues include the mode of bapism i.e. how it is performed.

On this site we will take the view that equally devout and biblical people have come to different conclusions. We will respect both points of view and appeal to others to do the same. It is our view that the controversial issues are largely secondary issues. The Bible gives more space to discussing the significance of baptism than it does the mode of baptism. It is because the Bible is largely silent on some of these secondary issues that they have become controversial. Our plea would be to focus on the bigger issues.

Having said that, practical decisions still have to be made. For example, if someone has been baptised as an infant, should he/she be baptised again as an adult? Or would it not be re-baptism because the first one really wasn’t a baptism?

These are difficult issues for a new Christian to settle and they raise pastoral issues.

May God put some wise people around you as you grapple with them.

What is baptism about?