God puts a great deal of emphasis on our growth to spiritual maturity.

Check out some of the resources below. When you see what the Bible has to say about maturity, you will realise how important it is to God and how much you benefit from it. Hopefully that will motivate you to “grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ” (2 Pet 3:18).

Bible passages about growth (pdf) – list of passages with suggested questions.

What spiritual maturity looks like

Christ-likeness. The goal of discipleship is to be like Jesus. What does that mean and is it possible?

What does Christian maturity look like? (pdf)

12 Characteristics Of A Godly Life – Roy L. Comstock

The “End” of Discipleship: John Wesley’s Vision of Real Christianity

What Does “Going Deep” actually mean? Part 1   Part 2

Rick Warren’s priority

Why We Need A Different Kind Of “Maturity” In The Church – Carey Nieuwhof

This “Variation On Footprints” describes stages of spiritual growth. (I have not yet discovered who the author was.)

Assessing your own spiritual maturity

Find spiritual maturity assessment tools here.

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