The goal of discipleship is to be like Jesus.


“I want to share with you where my mind has come to rest as I approach the end of my pilgrimage on earth, and it is: God wants His people to become like Christ. Christlikeness is the will of God for the people of God.”

–John Stott (from the last sermon he preached: “The Model: Becoming More Like Christ“)


For scriptures that reveal that the biblical goal of our growth is Christ-likeness see What does Christian maturity look like?.

What is Jesus Like? (pdf)

Richard Foster on the goal of the Christian life

Becoming Like Christ – Richard Foster

Claude King: The Goal of Discipleship

12 Characteristics Of A Godly Life – Roy L. Comstock

Barna Research: Are Christians More Like Jesus Or More Like The Pharisees? Lists some characteristics of Christ-likeness and measures how Christians compare.

Ray Hellenbach – Is Jesus An Impossible Mentor?

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