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Read some reviews of different discipleship courses

1. Courses that include how to become a follower of Jesus

In other words, these courses can be used with someone who is not yet a Christian. They are both evangelistic and discipling.

Note however, that going over this material can be a good refresher for a new Christian (helping him/er to understand what has happened) or for older Christians.

Course that are specifically evangelistic (helping people to come to faith in Jesus) are found here.

30 Discipleship Exercises

30 studies on Christian basics

Availability: pdf free online


Primarily an evangelistic course but valuable as teaching for Christians as well. x sessions that involve a meal, a video presentation and group time allowing discussion. There is also a weekend away where the emphasis is on the Holy Spirit.Although they have no comprehensive course, Alpha New Zealand does have a growing list of resources that can be used to grow disciples. A good course for new Christians is A Life Worth Living, a series of studies on Philippians.

web site

Availability: Readily available from Alpha New Zealand

Contact: Contact

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Called To Serve

An 18-week course starting with an understanding of salvation and leading participants through to an understanding of their own ministry in their church. Written by Tony Higton.

Availability: downloadable as pdf file

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Discipleship Tools

A 10-part curriculum.

Website – see the Curriculum page

Availability: the curriculum is contained in the pages of the website

 Discover Life

9 sessions written by Jim Wallace (PCANZ). Includes a daily Bible reading schedule for participants.

  • What is  a Christian?
  • God and Jesus?
  • The Holy Spirit
  • The enemies of God
  • Receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit
  • Discovering the gifts of the Holy Spirit
  • Serving the Lord
  • Baptism and Communion
  • Your vows of commitment

Availability: free online

Making Disciples

30 studies written by Malcolm and Suzanne White of Back To The Bible.

Web site

Availability: downloadable as pdf files

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Following Jesus, Fishing For People

Steve Addison’s manual for training new Christians. Contains 7 commands and 7 skills.

Website: Movements website

Availability: online as pdf file

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Mentoring His Way: Disciple 12

A 3-book series covering 12 characteristics of a godly life.

WebsiteChristian Mentors Network


Omega Discipleship

A cyclic series of studies that take people from being pre-Christian through to being disciple-makers. Written by Ian Malins. Because the course is divided into a number of books, users can start where appropriate and the course can be as long or as short as is sensible.

web site

Availability: readily available via the web site or, in New Zealand, John Fuller

Contact: John Fuller

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2. Courses that assume the user is already a Christian

i.e. they are about how to now live as a follower of Jesus

The Apprenticeship Series


Availability: hardcover and ebooks available online. Files can also be downloaded free.

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The Backpack

Not a course as such but resources you can pull out of your backpack as and when you need them to mentor a younger Christian or for your own growth.

The studies are in 3 sections: Things You need To Know, Things To Help You Relate To Others and Things To Help You Relate To God. The emphasis is not so much on the studies as on the relationship.


Availability: free pdf from website (Requires login). A printed version can be bought.


Discipleship Explored

A companion to Christianity Explored.

Discipleship Explored is an informal 8-week course for anyone who wants to make the most of their Christian lives. In particular, DE is perfect for guests who have been through Christianity Explored and have recently decided to follow Christ. Looking at Paul’s letter to the Philippians, guests can explore for themselves the meaning of Paul’s words ‘for me to live is Christ and to die is gain.’

Those familiar with Christianity Explored will feel right at home. Each session has a Group Discussion, picking up on the previous week’s material and a short study in Philippians, a short talk or dvd as a theme for that week, and a further Group Discussion on issues arising.

But again, like Christianity Explored, the material is so flexible that it can be adapted for use with groups of all sizes and in a variety of settings – even including established small group meetings of more mature Christians.

web site


Find a course:

Contact: Cam Gracey

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Tim Chester


Growing Disciples (LifeWay)

see introductory webcast. (Click forward button to advance slides)

web site

Availability: via web site

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The Jesus Walk – Beginning The Journey

A 12-part series for new Christians that can be used in conjunction with free online videos and an optional set of DVDs. Written by Dr Ralph F. Wilson.

JesusWalk – Beginning the Journey is a discipleship training and spiritual formation program for new believers. The course provides a balance of Christian doctrines, core values, and spiritual disciplines designed to produce strong Christians who continue to grow as committed disciples of Jesus.

Designed for a weekly face-to-face meeting between a new believer and a mentor.

web site

Availability: The participants’ books, teaching videos, an introductory video for pastors and a mentor training video are available free on the internet. Printed books and DVDs can also be purchased.


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Journey Together Now

Nine study books based on nine “footsteps of Jesus” and organised around community, communion and mission.


Availability: Available fro purchase from the website.


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A comprehensive course of 24 sessions covering 1) the Disciple’s Cross, 2) The Disciple’s Personality, 3) The Disciple’s Victory and 4) The Disciple’s Mission.

Web site

Availability: may be in New Zealand Christian bookshops but otherwise via the web site

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A New Beginning

Eight sessions. Booklet and audio available free online.


Availability: free online from Passion Australia


Five Loaves Two Fishes


A follow-up to Rainbow. Fourteen studies by Chris Gedge for the new Christian or older Christians who want to brush up on their understanding.

web site

Availability:readily available from Chris Gedge

Contact: Chris Gedge

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The Walk To Emmaus

Needing encouragement and renewal in your faith?

Overwhelmed by doubts and challenges in your Christian experience?

Wanting to draw closer to Christ in commitment and service?

Experience the three-day retreat with amazing talks, small groups, Holy Communion, and lots of great fellowship and teaching, you will be blessed!

The Walk to Emmaus is a spiritual renewal programme intended to strengthen the local church through the development of Christian disciples and leaders.  The approach considers the model of Christ’s servanthood and runs as a three-day residential retreat that immerses those attending in God’s grace and love.  The weekend is wrapped in prayer and meditation, special times of worship and daily celebration of Holy Communion.  Spiritual Direction is available throughout the weekend. The retreat runs from Thursday evening to Sunday evening.

Web site

Availability: dates of the up-coming “walks” are available on the web site

Contact: Send an email via our contact page on

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 3. Online Courses

Christian Broadcasting Network Graduated lessons including some video teaching
Track 1 (Carol) 12 discipleship lessons by Greg Herrick (
Track 2 (John) 14 discipleship lessons by Greg Herrick (
Basic Discipleship Lessons 12 lessons, Church of the Nazarene (Eurasia)

4. Residential Discipleship Courses

3D Discipleship

Part of Global Disciples. A living-in course including teaching then a mission trip, based in Riversdale, Southland, New Zealand

web site

Availability:  Courses run once or twice a year


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5. Miscellaneous Courses

Salvation Army (NZ) disciple-making courses and resources


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