Sites – Discipleship – Check out the various sections e.g. “Learn” and “Explore – an opportunity to learn about living for Jesus.

Discipleship Tools

Discipleship Library – A Navigators site with many resources, mainly audio recordings

Biblical Training – a very comprehensive site of recorded lectures, articles etc with material grouped into areas for new believers (Foundations), older believers, leaders etc. See also their app.

C.S. Lewis Institute – see especially Discipleship As You Go section

The Words of Jesus – Jesus’ teaching arranged topically

All About Following Jesus

Jesus Army – various resources including videos, reading suggestions, an evangelistic newspaper etc – many online training resources

Passion Australia – a site with resources to encourage people to become Christians and to grow as Christians

Paul-Timothy – resources for training disciples and leaders

Assess Yourself – spiritual maturity assessment plus resources

Disciple Daily

Explore God – many resources addressing questions we might have about Christianity

Gospel Centered Discipleship

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