The Disciple’s Lifestyle

If you have put your faith in Jesus, there will be changes in your life. As a follower of Jesus, you are expected to actually follow i.e. listen to what He says, look at what He does and follow suit. Your response to Jesus’ love for you will be overflowing love for Him that will be seen in your desire to honour Him.

What does that all mean? We’ll try to help.

How Does The Disciple Live? – Dallas Willard. (Not really an article for the new Christian.)

Time For Discipleship? – Evangelical Alliance research report + associated resources

Francis Chan – The Stupidest Thing I Ever Did In Church

Obedience To Jesus

A Summons To Covenantal Discipleship – Jonathan M. Lunde (C.S. Lewis Institute)

The Transforming Impact Of True Discipleship – Thomas A. Tarrants III (C.S. Lewis Institute)

The Commands Of Christ – Bible studies by Dr Andrew Corbett

Dying To Self

Dying To Self


One of the most fundamental aspects of Jesus’ strategy is that it relies on multiplication. Disciples are commissioned to make disciples.

There is far more on disciple-making here.

Radical Christianity

There is a call for Christians to live much more “radically” in contrast to the domesticated, consumer, comfortable type of Christianity so prevalent.

But some have called that so-called radical Christianity the new legalism.

Ed Stezter explores some of these issues. The article contains links to some of the main contributions in the debate.

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