What Is A Disciple?

Put simply, a disciple is a follower of Jesus (or what is commonly called “a Christian.”)

Of course, there is a huge amount that can be said about following Jesus. That involves every area of our lives. You can use the “Following Jesus” menu item under “Discipleship” above to see that material but if you are not yet a Jesus-follower, look at what is below then go to “Getting started” on the “Discipleship” menu above.




See the Day Of Discovery video What Jesus Said About Following Him. (25:31 video) (includes Dallas Willard, Darrell Bock, Gary R. Habermas and others)

Some definitions

A disciple “has come to Jesus for eternal life, has claimed Jesus as Savior and God, and has embarked upon the life of following Jesus.” (Michael J. Wilkins)

A disciple is a student of Jesus, learning from Him to be like Him in thought, character and actions. (Peter Cheyne)

A disciple is a follower of Jesus who is learning to live like Jesus, loves like Jesus and leaves what Jesus left behind. (David Putman)

Exponential’s “Key leaders’ definitions of discipleship” – But please note: You might notice the confusion that is common (even among key leaders). Some think of discipleship as describing what it means to be a disciple. Others think it means the process of making disciples. It is the former definition that is used on this site. The process of making disciples is here called “disciple-making”.



Fuller Explanations

Being A True Disciple Of Christ – article, Dave Quin, Passion Australia

C.S. Lewis On Authentic Discipleship – Christopher W. Mitchell (C.S. Lewis Institute)

How To Be A Disciple – Dallas Willard

What Is Christian Discipleship? – 5 marks of disciples (Got Questions?)

Four articles by Ed Stetzer (Christianity Today)

More advanced material

More on what it means to follow Jesus

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