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Growth Disciple making


Discipling Churches
Apps & Software Discover Jesus on your computer or phone  Aids to help you grow
Bible studies What the Bible say about following Jesus Bible studies about disciple-making  Study what the Bible says about evangelism
Books Books: Investigating Christianity  Books on discipleship (living and growing as a Christian)
Courses Courses that are both evangelistic and discipling Courses for people investigating Christianity  Courses for Christians wanting to grow  Courses for training Christians to make disciples Evangelism training courses
People & organisations  Who can help you?
Sermons  Preachers and evangelists have a say  Sermons on disciple-making
Sites  Evangelistic websites  Sites helping Christians grow  Whole sites dedicated to disciple-making  Sites for disciple-making churches
Stories Stories of those who have trusted Jesus  Disciple-makers (and their disciples) tell their stories  What disciple-making churches are doing