Sites for those investigating following Jesus

Whole sites dedicated to helping people know what it means to be a Christian.

Currently, in New Zealand. Check it out!

The Hope Project and The 10 day Challenge

Who is Jesus – a fun site with heaps to explore

Godlife – a site with resources for those investigating following Jesus as well as for those who have made a start.

Looking For God – a site with many things to check out

Peace With God – Billy Graham Evangelistic Association

Free – designed for students and based on Mark’s gospel in the Bible, by University Colleges Christian Fellowship.

One Life – produced by Christianity Explained.

I Am Second – a site about a movement. Contains video of real stories

Tell me More – Roger Carswell

Got questions? (Apologetics sites)

Apologetics 315. A site with masses of resources, recordings, podcasts etc

BeThinking – resources to undertand, defend and communicate the Christian faith. – by Sydney Anglicans

CARM – Christian Apologetics and Research Ministry

Investigating Faith. Lee Strobel’s site. Look at the “Video Channels” in particular, or ask Lee a question

Look into It. – various videos etc of things for you to look into

Please Convince Me