The Role of the Church – Tony Evans

I am intrigued by two comments in this video.

“If hell is winning, we are not building His church.”

and, “How can we have all these churches on all these corners with all these preachers and all these members and all these programmes and still have all this mess? There’s a dead monkey on the line somewhere.”

The implication is that if we were really building the church of Jesus Christ society would be different. The increase in evil in our world indicates that we are failing. Evans takes this from Matthew 16:18 where Jesus says that He will build His church and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. But it is common sense as well, isn’t it? The objective evidence is that the church is failing.

There are still people going to church but the church is largely ineffective in transforming society. Is the type of church we are, not the type that Jesus envisaged?

What do you think we should be doing differently?

One thought on “The Role of the Church – Tony Evans

  1. Are we prepared to be honest with ourselves yet? In my research to date, I find it very difficult to find people within the church who truly know the gospel. While Grace Davie would say “there are many who believe but do not belong”, Daniele Hervieu-Leger is quiet clear that “many who belong do not believe.” For many in our churches today regardless of tradition, church is more a social occasion than the place where they find spiritual renewal each week.
    When we scratch the surface of those in leadership a slightly different dynamic emerges. They know of the gospel as like a giant Kauri in the forest somewhere, but it is not the foundation of what they are about in terms of their ministry to others. Sadly many who occupy the office of Minister or Pastor do not profess the gospel, if indeed they know it, and if they know it, that does not necessarily mean they truly believe at their core. For these leaders almost without exception, heaven is a reality, but hell is most likely to be regarded as simply a construct of interpretation and one in which we no longer speak for fear of alienating or frightening others away from the church, but we know the evil one is crafty and when we do not acknowledge the devil and the reality of hell we have walked right into the trap as Tony indicates. Consider then what it is that these sometimes struggling ministers and pastors are teaching.
    Push back some more, how is it that we have folk leading the church in such a situation? It appears that in NZ, in both bible colleges and denominational “finishing schools” it is again assumed that everyone knows the core marks of the gospel. Moreover, there is no air time given to either evangelism or to apologetics. So we have this situation where few if any in the pew have any defense for what little they truly believe when asked by their neighbour (they simply hope they are never asked). In regard to evangelism, those in the pew seldom if ever see it demonstrated in the one who leads, so they will not hear of the great joy that arises from this and they will probably never experience this first hand. Furthermore, such an endeavour is usually held to belong to the one who is gifted as an evangelist. I suggest this is the stock answer or position for those who are too frightened to share their faith with others. Goodness knows what the other person may think or say to me! The reality however is that this fear is a plant within our own minds by the evil one and in actual fact seldom happens, well least not in our town which is one of the more violent communities in the Waikato. I would maintain that if I truly believe in Jesus who died for me so that I might be redeemed, I should all be ready to defend my belief in my Lord for his expression of love and grace toward me and the joy that arises from this simple fact is more than enough to motivate me to share with you also.
    His servant,

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